Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Devilman's Music Promotions

I am Marty the Devilman. I am the designer of this site and any other that bears the name of Marty the Devilman and Devilman's Music Promotions. I promote the dark, extreme,and obscure. I promote not only extreme underground metal bands, but other promotions/productions, photographers/videographers, journalists, alternative models, clothing vendors, and all that serve the metal industry and make it great. I also promote alternative religion and oppose the mainstream, Abrahamic religions, and support and/or belong to many groups and sites that feel the same, groups consiting of Pagans (like myself), Heathens,Satanists, Wiccans,Athiests, Agnostics, Humanists, and others. At my home in the city of Los Angeles, I help the underground metal hordes do battle with the light. My mission, to bring my beloved underground to the world where we shall take our rightful place as its overlords!
Xian Music and Propaganda since 2007.

See my new homepage at Devilman's Music Official Website and links to my many other sites on my homepage here.

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